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National Disability Advocacy Program changes and what this means for Headway Victoria

Dear Members (from Winter 2006 Newsletter)

Winter is upon us, and with it has come bad news about our funding arrangements.

Headway Victoria is one of the 22 services funded through the National Disability Advocacy Program In late June all of these services were advised that the funding will cease at the end of this year and that the Department will set in place new arrangements for the delivery of advocacy services. These will take effect from the beginning of next year. Whilst at this stage we do not know what the new arrangements will be, it is considered highly unlikely that we will retain funding at our current level if at all. This will become clearer in late August when the Department of Family, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs will be preparing a discussion paper on the options.

The Headway Committee of Management has taken the decision to close our advocacy referrals. We will complete our work with current service users and those on the waiting list. Headway will continue to provide advice on advocacy issues and will attempt to redirect people to alternative services. Our information service is not affected by these changes at this stage. However the future of the organisation will need to be discussed over the next few months as we could not survive on our State Government funding alone.

In the meantime we are encouraging people to get in touch with the relevant Ministers to express your concerns. Our committee will be attempting to ensure that the needs of people with an acquired brain injury are recognised within the new arrangements. On this website you will find a copy of a sample letter which may give you some ideas.

We are planning to hold a members forum in early September. If there are particular questions you would like us to address at the forum, please let me know and we will make sure those things are addressed on the day.

Please feel free to call me if you would like some more information about these changes and how they will affect people with a brain injury.


All the best

Merrilee Cox

Sample letter (34kb doc)


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